It’s an honor to present the apartment renovation project in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood, carried out by the talented interior designer Marta Castellano. As a photographer, I had the privilege of capturing every detail of this unique and sophisticated space.

One of the most striking features of this apartment is the rehabilitation of the hydraulic floor, which is presented in different geometric designs in almost all of the rooms. This not only gives originality to the space, but it also becomes a key element in creating the atmosphere of this space.

Another standout feature is the open kitchen to the living room, which is separated by a custom-made cabinet, creating a sense of continuity and spaciousness in the space.

The dark colors on the walls, combined with the warm tones of wood and cotto, give the apartment a calming, intimate, and at the same time, elegant atmosphere. These colors also contribute to emphasizing the beauty and character of the antique and modern furniture that the owner has chosen to decorate their home.

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Interior design: Marta Castellano Mas
Architecture: Serrat Tort