A small house in the quiet open countryside of the Po Valley south of Milan. It is a long and flat volume emphasising the undisturbed view towards the horizon beneath the high sky of the flat landscape. The long geometry gives all rooms views over the fields to the mountains and is related to the geometry of the old farm house nearby on the same site. Inside the inclined roof, the white walls and the terracotta floor give a simple background for the collection of antique and classic modern furniture of the owner.

Of the old house only the outer walls could be preserved as a screen towards the road. The wall will be complemented by a pergola and will be covered with plants giving a romantic scenery for the new house.

The house’s materials are related to the rural contest: terracotta floors, old re-used tiles on the roof, details in copper and concrete walls coloured in the tones of the village.

Architects: Ferrarrantischnell
Construction: concrete (prefab)
Designed for: Moretti MORE
Energy concept: Zeropositivo Architetti