I had the opportunity to photograph a recent renovation of a stately apartment located in the Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona. The project was carried out by the Spanish interior designer Castellano Mas.

The renovation focused on restoring and preserving the original architectural elements of the apartment, such as the mosaic floors and the decorative moldings, while also incorporating modern amenities and functionality.

As a photographer, I was particularly interested in capturing the balance between the historic charm and contemporary design elements of the space. The use of neutral colors and natural materials created a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the strategic placement of lighting fixtures enhanced the various textures and surfaces.

One of the challenges of photographing this space was the limited natural light, which required the use of artificial lighting to bring out the details and textures of the materials. I worked carefully to balance the lighting in each shot to accurately convey the mood and atmosphere of the apartment.

Overall, this renovation project was a testament to the importance of preserving and enhancing historic architecture while also incorporating modern design elements for a comfortable and functional living space. As a photographer, it was a pleasure to capture and showcase the beauty of the space in its new form

Interior design: Marta Castellano Mas
Architecture: Serrat Tort